I was born a good bit before the Internet was invented: I'm not old though, just very nicely experienced. As a teenager I used to write stories which reflected an early literary diet of science fiction and fantasy. I did this on an actual typewriter (yes, a real one and I even learned to touch-type) before some bright spark invented computers. Then life got in the way and I stopped my stories for a long, long time. I did carry on reading though and enjoyed many of the absolutely brilliant writers that there are out there. Hopefully I learned something from them all.

Eventually inspired by the possibilities thrown up by of digital publishing, I joined a local writing club and rather nervously and slowly started writing quaint little stories about demons, usually with soul-stealing character defects. One day, just for a change, I sat at my desk and started writing about an angel. Having crossed over to the 'other side' (sort of) I suddenly found I couldn't stop and now plan many new books.

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My WIngs be Forgotten

True Angel

Queen of Demons

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