Operation Badger5Stars1

Operation badger by
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith

This is a beautifully written, warm and wonderful story in which Tabitha Ormiston-Smith has put the absurdness of life, the need for love and the wonder of the human soul all next to each other on a single slide under the microscope.

I am so glad I picked this book up. It is an example of how to make life's  moments seem ten times as bright. A delightful little tale. Full marks!

Tapasya front cover4Stars

Tapasya (The Redemption of Wist Book 1) by David Gilchrist

This is the first in series and I may be being harsh in only giving it four stars because I certainly thought about giving it the full five. At the end of the day though, it is not a book that is meant to stand just on its own and so it has too much left hanging for me to be that generous. It is an excellent story and there is a better way to judge how much I liked it: I am going to have to read the next part.

Forest of Ancestors5Stars1

Forest of Ancestors by K A Denver

In this first book of her Guardians series, K A Denver introduces us to a world of magic, where fire bolts can be thrown and witches travel around by portals. But that's not really what the story is about. The coven are family, their warriors a band of brothers. In the length of this single work, a whole series of relationships are built up between the characters, all of whom are brought to life by some excellent writing.

A truly stand-out book. Not just 5 stars: five magic ones to wish on for more of this series. 



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The call4Stars

The Call (The Silent War book 1) by Eli­ Freysson

Whenever I pick up a book from a new ‘untried’ author there is always the element of risk: the experiment has not always come out well. It can be a ‘hit’ but often is a ‘miss’

In this case I have to say it has been a hit– the book is well written, the characters likeable and the overall story moves along at a good pace.

Vampire Hunters4Stars

Vampire Hunters by Trudie Collins

Trudie Collins dives into the story with great confidence, introducing her characters and their training-dedicated, near-monastic lifestyle while setting up the necessary conditions for conflicts and romance.

There is fantastic clarity of environment, super detailing of characters – good characters too - and an ending which I think will satisfy most readers. But cutting it a bit shorter might have made it as sharp as the hunters’ swords.

Sing the Blues5Stars1

Sing the blues by Tina Collins

I have to start this review saying that serious horror has never been a genre that appealed to me. So, it was a huge surprise to find this very dark material sucking me in and refusing to let go. This is not just serious horror: this is thoughtful horror. Her predators are real and terrifying; listen and you will hear their footsteps behind you.


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