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The stories follow Sapphira, an Angelic Princess, daughter of the Devil himself, who has been cast down to Earth and must now find a place for herself in a world of mortals.

In the Forgotten Worlds universe, God and the Devil are known as Mother and Father respectively, and their histories are increasingly mixed up with those of other religions. Father is not ‘Evil’ per se, though he does oversee a version of Hell where souls are punished for their misdeeds.

On the other hand, Mother can be overbearingly authoritarian and inflexible. She created the angel Sapphira and gifted her to Father to be brought up amongst demons. Likewise, Father created the demon Daniel and gifted him to Mother. The two were supposed to marry, in accordance with some great plan to keep the Lands (of Heaven and Hell) unified. Sapphira refused to do this and ended up de-winged and mortal on Earth as the cost for exercising her free will.

If you have not yet read any of the books, then I do not want to tell you more about the plots at this stage (spoilers!), but I can mention that the series has magic and ancient gods (from different pantheons), vampires and werewolves (my own take on these fantastical beings), witches and a whole range of creatures from diverse mythologies.

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