Duck Breast
1 large can (or 2 smaller) of forest fruits (not in syrup)
4 figs
1 Tin of chopped tomatoes
Red wine


Slice the duck into thin strips. Add some olive oil to a frying pan and bring to heat. Seal the meat and then add the fruit (drain off most of the juice), some wine and the tin of tomatoes. Rinse the figs and then place them in the mix.

Cook for about 30 minutes on decent heat, moving things around every so often so it’s all cooked evenly, and adding more wine if it gets too dry.

Serve with:

Mixed vegetables (steamed or microwaved) and finished in a pan with a little oil, adding a spoon of powdered ginger and one of turmeric and then crumbling in a couple of small dried chilies. After a minute add some fresh cream. Mix and serve.

Add a portion of plain rice for each person.

A nice bottle of Rioja

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