I’ve read today in the Guardian here about an American Christian group petitioning Netflix to remove the series Good Omens. Apart from the incompetence in going to the wrong company, this type of thinking really is concerning. Organised religion has been used to control people’s behaviour for millennia, not for the benefit of society but for the control and power it gives those who head up such organisations. Organised religion has been used to stifle the arts, suppress LGBTQ people, hinder human scientific development and, for good measure, slaughter people in pointless wars.

The reason for this petition, apparently, is that it was ‘making satanism appear normal
Hmmm. Listen up you Christian people. It was YOU who gave us the Devil in the first place. You can hardly blame the rest of us for thinking about it and being curious, can you?

Since my Forgotten Wings series is basically about Queen of Demons, Sapphira, who is the devil’s daughter I have to say I am somewhat disapproving of the actions of the Return to Order campaign who organised the petition. On the other hand, maybe they would like my writing more because it normalises lesbianism, yes?

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