So I finally got this book out. I have always enjoyed writing love stories, and I have quietly been adding to these over a number of years, but when I finally decided I should publish a collection, I realised that only about four of them were worthy and I needed to add some new material first.
The ideas came along nicely, starting with “Out and out like gods” which was inspired by a dear friend, and to which I then added five other new works. The last one was where I got stuck though, and “Riding the Rainbow” proved to be a difficult piece to finish with several complete rewrites happening before I was happy enough with it.
The title and the cover come from the idea of Eros (or Cupid) plying his trade within the LGBTQ community. Of course, said demi-god himself turns up somewhere in the stories …
I truly believe that love is love regardless of one’s sexuality or gender position. I’ve written love stories for entirely straight characters in my time, but I thoroughly enjoy writing Lesbian and Gay fiction. In this book are my first stories for transgender women too (and about time you might say, considering!). Winifred (Riding the Rainbow) is my first in-depth bisexual character, and goodness only knows what Jennifer Stax (The Mermaid List) is really best catagorised as!
Hope you enjoy the book.

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