Release date later this year

Her other hand was on me so fast I was forced to jump and roll under it, coming up with another ineffectual strike – the hand passed right on through my strike and closed around me, gripping hold. I screamed in agony and felt myself pulled forward.

No, not my physical form, I realised, but my soul. She had my very soul in her grip! 

I was lifted into the air, my physical body refusing to separate from my soul-self. The pain of that tugging between corporeal and non-corporeal elements was like a fire that tried to eat me. I screamed again. With every ounce of will I tried to hold myself together. I focussed my own magic around me, making little bursts of lighting appear to shoot out into the Halja’s smoke limbs. Despite every effort I could make, I saw my own ghostly form start to pull away from my body.

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