They were Titans, pure of substance.

Organisation paused at the agreed meeting place. She had already prepared herself for the possibility of waiting: her sister was not reliable in such matters.

The universe turned a little, as it always does, and eventually Impulse popped up without any announcement. “Hey, Orgy! How is everything? Haven’t kept you waiting have I?”

“Sister Impulse, I have been waiting for eons. And calling. Do you never answer your messages?”

“Of course I do. Just not all the time. I do and I don’t. You know how it is.”

“No, not really.” Organisation sighed. Impulse had moods. How were people going to cope with these strange swings? “Look, it is time. The humans are coming and as per the Great Plan we are to be part of the creation. We will cease to be gods, forgotten by the universe. Our traits will be incorporated into them and drive humanity forward.”

Impulse nodded solemnly. Sadly. She was so often sad. “And no one will ever know of us?”

“We cannot be known. But one day, perhaps, one of our purest will imagine this meeting and write it down. A High Priestess of Impulsiveness perhaps, or an Organiser Most High. She will write about how we created greatness together, despite our differences.”

“And she will tell of the common space between us. The very desire to create. To achieve.”

“Yes. Come sister, let us touch and make a promise to those who are yet to live. Let us ensure that even those of most reckless impulse can organise a little or fall upon those who can.”

“And likewise, that spontaneous impulse will find all.”

The Titan´s made their promise and dissolved themselves together onto the world, just as humanity took its first steps.

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