Under Life’s Dark Shadows

Do we deserve the monsters who prey on us? Well, the monsters are amongst us and always have been. And the worst of them are men who see no shame in succumbing to the most depraved of desires.

Within this world of beasts, Parvan provides a service, a sex worker for those with ‘special needs’ and who are rich enough to pay for their wildest dreams to come true.

Just don’t cross her. Ever. Because there are monsters for sure, and then there are the apex monsters …

This is an adult-themed story about a vampire, in line with those that exist in my Forgotten Wings series.

My take on Vampires is just a little bit different from the traditional approaches.

Can you imagine the horror of dying at the start of every single night? And then stalking through the night, all the while knowing that the pain of returning to life at sunrise will be even worse?

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