I’m ready … Laser me!

For any Trans Lady, the daily routine of shaving one´s face is a constant reminder that the Supreme One either a) got it wrong, or b) has it in for you. If you have dark hair (or even remnants of dark hair like I now have), no amount of shaving close, closer, or closest will ever really do the trick. At some stage, you realise that those hairs have simply got to go.

How had I come to this? Well, I had been putting it off for too long but the simple truth is that a heavy cold had recently left me miserable over the whole hair thing. When your nose starts running, all carefully arranged makeup simply gets swept aside by the veritable tsunami of nasal mucus (yup, snot) that floods out. Oh, the biblical level of fluid is an unstoppable event, like the angel of death gone surfboarding. The horror! Proof that the Supreme One at least has a sense of humour!

So it was that I found myself at the clinic yesterday, my face uncomfortably exposed (that is to say unshaven and with no makeup) and ready for this necessary procedure to commence. Of course, in that state, even getting to the appointment became a walk of shame, my hand reflexively covering my face whenever someone got near. But I got there!

I quickly found myself lying on the treatment bench, eyes completely covered and only the calm and soothing tones of the beautician to hold back my fear. I should not have worried though, while each flash of the laser stung a bit (and in some areas, a lot), and the treatment did go on for a while, there was nothing in it that I couldn´t stand. Which is just as well because I will be needing a lot of these sessions. This is, after all, the marvels of science versus the steadfastness of nature. Even under such an assault, hairs will continue to grow, to rise and fight back. “The face is a hormonal area,” the lovely Queen of Lasers explained to me. “We will have to get it bit by bit, over a period of time.”

Afterward, my face burned a little for an hour or so. As instructed, I washed it in cold water and applied the cream I had been given. A few hours later I could put on makeup again (but not shave yet) so I slapped on a layer like it was plaster and felt much, much better.

A few hours after treatment.