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Forgotten WIngs #1

Financed by the mysterious Paul Santos, Sapphira has wealth, beauty and a new life to look forward to and she is learning that being cast down to Earth is not the worst thing that can happen to an angel. After all, this world has such wonders: Fancy clothes and exquisite shoes amongst them. It also has the chance to find true love and isn’t that worth losing immortality for?

But her arrival is noted by others: demons that can walk through walls, change shape and twist reality around them. And these have been waiting a long, long time for someone just like her.

So how will an angel stripped of her magnificent powers cope with it all? Will she stand up and fight them or join them and forfeit her very soul? And how will her new human friends react when they discover who she really is?

Things are always going to get dangerous for the only angel to ever fall from Hell

Forgotten WIngs #2

Pre-wedding checklist when you are an angel from Hell
– Survive all attacks and kill the evil sorcererRemove curse
– Rescue childhood sweetheart wannabe (the idiot)
– Figure out what to do with the girl who wants to be your slave
– Don’t cheat on Giulia. (Don’t tell Giulia if you do cheat)
– Sort out personal army for honour guardWedding dress, etc.

It’s supposed to be their big day but there is always somebody out to spoil it all. As the hours tick away to the big event, Sapphira has her work cut out and a secret from her past which she needs to tell Giulia.

Forgotten WIngs #3

Neither angel nor demon can remain on earth without becoming human – well, mostly human – but you never completely change inside from what you were, do you? So is Sapphira Rossini an angel or is she a demon? Sapphira herself isn’t certain but she is learning one thing: the demons cast onto earth over whom she claims sovereignty do not fear rich little celebrity girls – even if her real father rules all of Hell.

And there is a man, a human, who knows Sapphira’s secret and knows how to surpass the magic which makes all the old demons almost invulnerable to harm. He recognizes the power of temptation and he believes in the absolute need for punishment. His aim is simple: to do battle with the one person whom he thinks is the Antichrist herself. And working for him are other threats; the master swordsman and killer known as the Chop-Chop man dismisses Sapphira as a ‘mere woman’ whilst a witch-seductress with the mythical powers of a siren is going to try and bring her entire world crashing down …

The third book in the Forgotten Wings series sees Sapphira, our favourite angel from Hell, once again fighting for her life and loved ones against the odds.

Forgotten WIngs #4

The Earth is singing and nobody knows why.

It is a sound that calls to the old ones; the long dormant or hidden deities, beings with powers spoken of only in myths and stories.

What does it mean? And why are they all coming to Angel’s Keep for an answer?

Demon Queen Sapphira and her wife Queen Giulia are getting ready for a huge change in their lives, something that neither of them yet feel ready for, and the last thing on our fallen angel’s mind is to take to the battlefield to fight an ancient goddess.

With modern Rome in the background, the last remaining Titan will battle an Olympian and it will take someone with the bravest heart of all to put everything right: Angels don’t have doubts – so stop crying and pick up your sword.

Forgotten WIngs #5

Seek no forgiveness!

A rogue legion of Angels would once have listened to a Princess of the Lands, but now that she is ‘human’, Queen of Demons Sapphira must go up against them and end their betrayal. Meanwhile, there is a mythical monster in the lake and another in the strange tunnels that thread under Rome’s streets. Someone is bringing the entire Church down on our heroine’s head.

While mayhem and destruction explodes at the end of her blade, Sapphira, her family and friends must fight for their lives.

And within this sea of problems, maybe only the gods know the rules…

Forgotten WIngs #6

There are gateways to other places which should never be stepped through.

When Sapphira’s wife, Giulia, is pulled from this world and into Helheim where the Goddess of the Dead rules, the Queen of Demons must follow. But for this rescue mission she needs help, a special forces unit of the kind that most people do not even know still exist.

And if fighting a goddess who cannot be killed is not enough, her own ‘inner demon’ is on the loose and ready to do almost anything to keep her separate existence.

Love must find its way through this collision of mythologies . So mount up on your giant troll and get moving!